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For over four decades, the Alpine brand has been synonymous with premium sound quality and innovation. Explore some of the most popular Alpine products below.

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Universal Solutions

Alpine has been at the forefront of innovation for in-vehicle audio-video products They continue to challenge the status quo in search of better, more intuitive ways to experience entertainment in the vehicle. Today, features like no-look swipe control, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, bold 9” touchscreen, and intelligent layout of keys on the products create a simple way to enjoy the drive.


Alpine Sound

The Alpine philosophy combines intelligent engineering and a constant pursuit for superior materials to create products that delight the ears with music. Three comprehensive families of sound system products ensure that customers of all walks of life can experience the legendary Alpine sound.


Vehicle Specific

With extensive experience in developing vehicle-specific solutions, Alpine has expanded their lineup with upgrade solutions that directly fit the most popular trucks and sedans. Alpine Restyle easy-to-install solutions will give you the freedom to take your music anywhere.


New Technology

The PowerStack system combines the iLX-W650 Receiver with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ and the KTA-450 Amplifier to create the most powerful 2-DIN head unit on the market.

Simple Swipe Control

Use multi-touch gestures anywhere on the iLX-W650 Receiver’s 7” screen to control your music while keeping your eyes on the road. A two-finger swipe motion moving up, down, left, or right can control volume up or down and track skip forward or back. Pinch-to-zoom motions allow you to control your navigation display.

Up to 5x the Power

Give your sound system a boost with the 4-Channel KTA-450 Power Pack Amplifier that emits 100 watts of Alpine’s exclusive Dynamic Peak Power (DPP) Technology per channel and doubles your sound system’s power during dynamic musical passages. Mount it behind the iLX-W650 Receiver (with 18 watts RMS) for five times the DPP power.

PowerStacked to Save Space

Mounted together, the iLX-W650 Receiver and KTA-450 Amplifier measure at less than 5” deep, so they can fit in any standard 2-DIN dash to create Alpine’s award-winning PowerStack design. Brackets and supplied radio power wires allow for a fast and easy install. Enjoy the extra sound system boost without the bulk and hassle of a traditional amp.

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