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For over four decades, the Alpine brand has been synonymous with premium sound quality and innovation. Explore some of the most popular Alpine products below.

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Universal Solutions

Alpine has been at the forefront of innovation for in-vehicle audio-video products They continue to challenge the status quo in search of better, more intuitive ways to experience entertainment in the vehicle. Today, features like no-look swipe control, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, bold 9” touchscreen, and intelligent layout of keys on the products create a simple way to enjoy the drive.


Alpine Sound

The Alpine philosophy combines intelligent engineering and a constant pursuit for superior materials to create products that delight the ears with music. Three comprehensive families of sound system products ensure that customers of all walks of life can experience the legendary Alpine sound.


Vehicle Specific

With extensive experience in developing vehicle-specific solutions, Alpine has expanded their lineup with upgrade solutions that directly fit the most popular trucks and sedans. Alpine Restyle easy-to-install solutions will give you the freedom to take your music anywhere.


New Technology

Experience your music in Hi-Res with the versatile R-A90S 6-Channel Amplifier for hair-raising details that puts you in the center of the performance.

Versatile System Builds

The R-A90S features a staggered power channel layout that allows each channel to host different levels of power, compared to traditional, multi-channel amplifiers. This allows the R-A90S to effectively function as both a 3-way active amplifier and a 5-channel amplifier by delivering the power you need to the channels where you need it the most. Now you can use one amplifier to either power an active 3-way sound system or use it to power your speakers and subwoofer without the bulk of an additional amplifier.

Next-Level System Builds

For the best possible sound experience, use the built-in bandpass, high pass, or low pass filter to individually power each component in your sound system and assign frequency bands for accurate and reliable sound reproduction.

Music in Hi-Res

Hear the subtle details you’ve been missing in your music with the R-A90S. With the highest power output in its category, the R-A90S drives power to your sound system to create a big dynamic music range for the listener, reproducing high-frequency sounds up to 45k Hz, making the R-A90S Hi-Res Audio Compliant.

Optimized for R-Series Sound Systems

Alpine’s R-Series line of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers have a heritage of sound quality that can be heard from a block away. The R-A90S is tuned to emphasize the characteristics of the R-Series speakers and subwoofers for a legendary R-Series experience.

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