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For over four decades, the Alpine brand has been synonymous with premium sound quality and innovation. Explore some of the most popular Alpine products below.


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Unleash Your Tesla

Unleash the full power and potential of your audio experience with the industry's first complete sound system kit designed to fit Tesla Model 3 And Model Y.

Designed specifically for Tesla's, these systems are complete plug-and-play sound systems that boast the perfect combination of power and efficiency. Designed with the Tesla driver in mind, these products elevate the performance of your sound system while maintaining the integrity of your interior.

Crafted from a unique hybrid blue carbon fiber material and paired with a cutting-edge ultra-efficient amplifier, the Hi-Res Audio certified speakers redefine your Tesla experience wth unparalleled high-end sound performance. Every note is delivered with precision and clarity, creating a captivating atmosphere that truly elevates your journey .

The included 12-channel Digital Sound Processor (DSP) comes pre-tuned for the unique interior envrionment of your Tesla, while the built-in 12-channel amplifier powers the full system with incredible efficiency. This ultra-effective amplifier is optimized for EVs and use lesss than one mile of range per hour when played at full volume.


The All New Next-Gen R-Series R2-A60F

The Next-Generation R-Series sound system line features the same “Loud and Fun” experience now certified for High-Resolution Playback.


The Next-Generation R-Series Amplifiers are Hi-Res Audio Certified and able to reproduce up to 45kHz frequency response. This ultra-wide bandwidth brings music even closer to the original source while the classic R-Series design maintains the “loud and fun” performance quality that long-time fans have come to enjoy.


The R2-A60F features a reduced footprint that’s 15% smaller than the previous model (R-A60F), making it easier than ever to install in most vehicle applications while still getting the same powerhouse performance.


Intentional designs were made to the amplifier that consolidated all speaker connections to one side of the amplifier for easy access. Amplifier controls were relocated to the top of the amplifier under a removable plate for convenient access to gain and crossover controls. To simplify the installation process, mounting "feet" are integrated onto the chassis of the amplifier.


Using "trickle-down" technology, inspired design, and performance cues from the Ultra-High resolution AlpineF#1Status systems, the Next-Generation R-Series Amplifiers feature High-Resolution Playback capabilities that will take this legendary system to the next level in sound performance.

Alpine R-series R2-A60F Amplifier at Drive-In Autosound
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Universal Solutions

Alpine has been at the forefront of innovation for in-vehicle audio-video products They continue to challenge the status quo in search of better, more intuitive ways to experience entertainment in the vehicle. Today, features like no-look swipe control, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, bold 9” touchscreen, and intelligent layout of keys on the products create a simple way to enjoy the drive.


Alpine Sound

The Alpine philosophy combines intelligent engineering and a constant pursuit for superior materials to create products that delight the ears with music. Three comprehensive families of sound system products ensure that customers of all walks of life can experience the legendary Alpine sound.


Vehicle Specific

With extensive experience in developing vehicle-specific solutions, Alpine has expanded their lineup with upgrade solutions that directly fit the most popular trucks and sedans. Alpine Restyle easy-to-install solutions will give you the freedom to take your music anywhere.


New Technology

Experience your music like never before! Alpine has become the first aftermarket car audio company with full TIDAL integration.

What is TIDAL?

TIDAL is a music streaming platform that aims to create a unique and mutually beneficial space for both artists and fans. TIDAL helps to empower artists to redefine their place in the music industry by providing them a space to deliver their art as they intended, while providing fans an opportunity to experience music like they never have before.

Next-Level System Builds

High-Resolution Audio is quickly becoming the new benchmark for music reproduction. Hi-Res Audio playback captures and reproduces the details that are lost in lower-quality, compressed file formats. However, playback of Hi-Res music files or streaming is only made possible through audio sources that support the intended Hi-Res specification. Using trickle-down technology from Alpine’s new High-Res line; Ultra AlpineF#1Status (384kHz/64Bit) and Alpine Status System (192kHz/24Bit), Alpine’s new line of head units are able to reproduce music at the High-Res spec of 96kHz/24Bit.

Music in Hi-Res

Hear the subtle details you’ve been missing in your music. With the collaboration of TIDAL and Alpine, you can expect superior sound quality and every note of studio magic that is so often lost outside of the recording booth. Compatible Alpine head unit customers can access the high-res streaming experience with TIDAL, accessing its catalog of over 90 million songs. For TIDAL HiFi and HiFi Plus Members, they’ll get lossless audio and high-fidelity music options for superior sound quality that elevates the music experience.

Free Software Update

Compatible head units are eligible for a free software update from Alpine that will include the TIDAL integration app. Free software updates are available for the new Alpine Halo11 iXL-F511, Apline Halo9 iXL-F509, and Apline Halo9 iXL-F507. Two Jeep specific models including the i509-WRA-JK and the i509-WRA-JL will also be eligible for the new update.

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