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Drive-In Autosound is Colorado Springs and Pueblo's trusted source for window tint and clear bra for all your vehicles.

Clear Bra - Protect your ride’s paint with an invisible shield of protective film. We use ClearShield Pro, by Solar Gard, because it is durable, flexible, and offers excellent protection from chips, scratches, and stains. Check out our Clear Bra FAQ and Benefits of Clear Bra pages to learn how Clear Bra works and why you want it for all your vehicles.

Window Tint - Protect your skin and your vehicle’s interior with window tint. Drive-In Autosound carries and installs MTint by Solar Gard, an industry leader in protective films. We offer a wide selection of films in various shades and levels of protection. Read more about our films, the benefits of window tint, and window tint FAQs.

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