Clearshield Pro for Your Boat

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Clearshield Pro Your Boat

Let us create a custom package for your boat that offers the protection you want where you need it most. We can apply buoy patches anywhere along the outer hull, or even wrap the entire ting. We can also apply Clearshield Pro to anyplace people are likely to be embarking to disembarking, which helps reduce stains and blemishes associated with high traffic areas. Every boat is different, please call for pricing information.

Don't forget, we can also apply Clearshield Pro to your motorcycles, ATV/UTVs, recreational vehicles, and of course your car or truck.


*Options shown are for demonstration purposes. Your coverage areas may vary based on your boat. Contact a store for a quote.

MPN: MARINECLEARBRA | Category: Clear Bra


Clearshield Pro | Premium Package includes fender tips, full hood, mirror backs, front bumper, headlights, rocker panels (exterior), roof (leading edge), truck entrance (not pictured), windshield pillars, door edge guards, and door cups.

Clearshield Pro | Premium Package

Clearshield Pro | Deluxe Package includes fender tips, partial hood mirror backs, and front bumper

Clearshield Pro | Deluxe Package

Clearshield Pro for your Harley

Clearshield Pro for your Motorcycle