Track Package
  • Clear Bra Full Hood
  • Clear Bra Full Fender
  • Clear Bra Full Bumper
  • Clear Bra Mirror Backs
  • Clear Bra Headlights
  • Clear Bra A-Pillars
  • Clear Bra Roof Edge
  • Clear Bra Rocker Panels
  • Clear Bra Behind Rear Wheels

Clear Bra paint protection is optically clear. Shown in red for visuals only.

Clear Bra Paint Protection
7 Year limited Warranty

Clearshield Pro, by Solar Gard, features Infused scratch-resistant topcoat technology that acts like body armor for your paint.

Price Range$1199 - $1999
Clear Bra Paint Protection
10 Year limited Warranty

SunTek Ultra paint protection film features innovative self-healing topcoat. Comes in either clear high-gloss or matte finishes.

Price Range$1499 - $2399
Clear Bra Paint Protection
10 Year limited Warranty

Clearshield HYDRO clear bra film, by Solar Gard, features Advanced gloss self-healing topcoat with StainX.

Price Range$1499 - $2399
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