Remote Start FAQ

Remote Start Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will having a remote start installed void my factory warranty?
A: No. Under the terms of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, no new car warranty can be instantly voided simply by the addition of any aftermarket (non-factory) product, including vehicle security products. However, if the added device is of poor quality, or is installed incorrectly, issues of warranty can be brought into play. Your best choice is to always have any system installed by a professionally authorized dealer. We are a professionally authorized dealer and we also offer an optional Extended Warranty on your Remote Start for just $49

Q: Is my car covered in the basic bypass price?
A: In most cases you are covered with our package price. Our basic bypass requires one key to the vehicle to be surrendered to the remote start installation. For an additional $69 you can keep all your keys (which is cheaper than getting a key made at the local car dealership). Just let us know if you want this option. Some exotic vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, SAAB, VW, and Land Rover require our advanced installation (call for price).

Q: I am interested in getting this for my vehicle but has a push button starter? Can we use your remote start?
A: Yes we do Push Button to Start vehicles every day! 

Q: Do your Remote Starts give you confirmation the vehicle was started?
A: Yes our one way systems turn on the parking lights of the vehicle, our 2-way systems give a command back right on your remote to let you know the vehicle started.

Q: What is remote engine starting, and why do I need it?
A: Remote start is the convenience of being able to start your vehicle’s engine by remote control. Start your car with the push of a button, from the comfort of your home or office, with our remote starts. In the winter, remote start is a lifesaver – you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it as you venture outside on freezing mornings, and step into the pre-warmed interior of a vehicle that’s ready to go. Remote Start can even be programmed to run your engine at pre-selected intervals during the day or night, circulating the oil and ensuring that your car will start every time, no matter what the elements throw at you! And remote start is a wonderful convenience during the hot summer too. Just preset your car’s climate controls upon exiting, and your remote start will do the rest!

Q: What is a Bypass?
A: A Bypass is an extra part needed to integrate with your vehicles key. Most newer vehicles come with a transponder or microchip embedded in the actual key. When your key is presented to the ignition of the vehicle for starting the vehicle looks for this code as well as the traditional teeth of the key being cut correctly to start the vehicle. The bypass presents this same code only while the remote start is starting the vehicle. This allows the vehicle to actually start. 

Q: How long does it take to put on my car?
A: Most cars take between 4-5 hours to complete. During the remote start season, however, everyone wants to get an appointment as soon as possible. One way we are able to service so many customers is to have vehicles dropped off at 9:00 am and have them ready by 5:00 pm. In other words, plan on dropping your vehicle off at 9:00 am and picking it up any time after 5:00 pm. If you car is done early, we'll let you know!

Q: What is a 2-way?
A: A 2-Way Remote start not only sends a command to the vehicle to start, lock or unlock; but also receives a command back from the vehicle to the remote verifying that the command was accepted. This is great if you can’t see the vehicle to know if it is running, your remote will tell you!