Xtreme Liners Installation

  • 6' 7" - 8' 0" Xtreme Spray On Truck Bed Liner


    6 Ft. 7" - 8 Ft. 0" Truck Bed | Xtreme Spray-…

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  • Colored Truck Bed Xtreme Spray-On Truck Bed Liner


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Xtreme Liners Installation Process

The careful installation process of Xtreme Spray-On Truck Bed Liners ensures its performance, that's why you can expect your bed liner to last for as long as you own your truck without chipping, peeling, or cracking*. At Drive-In Autosound, we guarantee that your vehicle will receive the proper preparation and application needed to ensure your Xtreme Truck Bed Liner lasts. Xtreme Truck Bed Liners by Drive-In Autosound is the Best Spray-On Bed Liner because don't cut corners to save time and money at the expense of results. Our Xtreme Liners System is proven and we back this promise with a Lifetime Warranty.

Preparing the Surface for Application

The amount of time and care put into preparing a truck bed for a spray-on liner is crucial to the bed liner's longevity. Competitors will often cut costs and save time by skimping out on the preparation process, leading to a bedliner that is prone to peeling and cracking. Drive-In Autosound guarantees that your Xtreme Spray-On Liner will last because our preparation process is meticulous.

First, the surface is wiped clean by our professional technicians with a special formula designed to remove grease, chemicals and debris. Next, the entire surface area to be sprayed is scuffed to allow for a proper adhesion. Beware of companies that save time by scuffing only the floor of the bed, and leaving the tailgate and sides untouched. After the full surface area is scuffed, it is wiped down again and all non-application areas are masked off with special wire trim tape.

Applying the Xtreme Truck Bed Liner Solution

Drive-In Autosound's Xtreme Truck Bed Liner facility uses state-of-the-art technology to spray the liner on under heat and pressure. The Xtreme Truck Bed Liner is applied to approximately 1/4" thickness on the floors and 1/8" on the sides of the bed. Our professional installation technician will then add the final touches to provide either a performance or premium finish. Finally, the truck is unmasked and the new liner is ready for action.

  • Performance Finish: We like to say that Xtreme Liners' Performance Grade Protection was the catalyst to "Work Hard, Play Hard". This robust coating uses High-Performance Spray Technology to add an enhanced layer of texture and protection to your bed liner, so that your Xtreme bed liner is always working as hard as you are.
  • Premium Finish: Our pick-up lines aren't always smooth but our Premium Grade Protection is flawless. This immaculate coating uses Premium Fine-Spray Technology to create a pristine bed liner. So next time you run out of things to say forget the pick-up lines and show off your pick-up truck's new Xtreme Liner instead.